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Time Capsule Photographic Studios - Photography By Walt Malone

In a strongly visual society within an ever-changing world we require our image to constantly evolve. Bigger and better is the goal to which we continually aim. Websites, Business Cards and Display ads are beginning to replace the phone book. More frequently our clientele suggest they looked us up on the Internet.

Professional quality photography is far more commonly used to show your business clients who you are. Many simple assignments can be done with the office point and shoot cameras. However, the camera doesn't deal with people or understand the complexities of light.

Walt Malone has been doing work over the past twenty years for a diverse collection of companies. For the past three years he has been hired annually to travel to England.

Some of these companies include; Moosehead Breweries, MacLean's Magazine, Xerox of Canada, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Province of NB Tourism, Heritage Canada.

Editorial photography shows Mood.....Emotion.....and Spontaneity, captured at the zenith of its visual appeal. Depend on Walt Malone of Time Capsule Photography to capture and record this for your next Editorial assignment.

Our children grow up and change so quickly that as infants they quite often will out grow an item of clothing even before it has been worn twice. During the first two months a child will commonly double their size. During these first months they will go from simple existence to actual acknowledgement and awareness. These moments can only be recorded by film once. Following is a program exclusive through Time Capsule we refer to as "Little Blessings". The above Package includes three portrait sessions.

The first is done during the last month or two of the pregnancy with both Mom and Dad. This session displays the glowing mom and expectant proud Dad.

The second session records little fingers and little toes with a consideration towards facial expressions that make everyone go "AAAAAH!"

On the same day we produce the third segment which shows all three as the happy family. We will, of course, welcome any brothers or sisters that your new arrival may have.

What is a more representative Time Capsule than a photograph? It doesn't exist. For all the many times in your life that you can recall photography is the recording of your family's history. Baby photos, the first day at school, School Christmas Concerts, little league, graduations, wedding, family vacations and portraits; The cycle repeats itself over and over in recorded imagery. Without these images as reminders how easily are they recalled?

Throughout his career, Walt Malone has been recording weddings with a candid style.

"It's more important to get the moments as they happen for the truest sense of having been there".

"To catch a natural smile or a genuine mood you have to be prepared for the opportunity".

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